The Challenge 

This was a multi-stakeholder communications brief managed by Gong Kenya with London team support. A complex task with a very tight turnaround, it also demonstrates Gong’s ability to respond with speed to achieve a successful outcome. An African company with private equity backing had a vision to build a pan-African education company providing high quality, market-relevant, tertiary education to 1 million+ Africans. It proposed to invest heavily into an educational institution and develop it to international best practice standards.  Achieving a vision of this scale needed extensive multi-stakeholder engagement and the backing of 10s of thousands of members. The decision of whether that backing would be given hung on a single vote. Gong was tasked with developing a strategy of stakeholder engagement for the weeks leading up to the deciding vote.

The Strategy

Gong advised implementing a comprehensive package of activity with a multi-channel approach (design, video, social media, internal and stakeholder communications, advertising, media). The result was an intensive and exhaustive month-long programme of: developing key messages; training for the leadership team on delivering these messages; producing copious collateral to spread the message as far as possible including adverts, explanatory videos for the members, slideshow presentations, and explanatory Open Letters – all designed by Gong Creative and written by the Gong team. We also drafted and disseminated internal communications statements, FAQs and held briefing sessions for leadership, staff members and students, explaining what the future partnership might entail for them. It involved extensive social media engagement – prolific tweeting alongside traditional media engagement. We engaged support from industry figures and co-ordinated the vote event.

The Outcome

A resounding yes from the members and a brighter future for this African educational institution.