A Day in the Life of a Gong Intern


It’s true what they say – no two days are the same in PR, which is what makes it such a stimulating career path. However, prospective interns may be curious as to what a typical day looks like at Gong. As a small, boutique agency, you really can do some meaningful work in your two weeks. Don’t expect to get stuck photocopying or doing endless coffee runs, they’ll be plenty of projects for you to assist with.

9am: I arrive at the office after a 5 minute walk from Bond Street tube station, having picked up several newspapers from a local news agents on the way in. At the start of the day, I’m responsible for scanning the papers to see if there are any articles that may be relevant to Gong’s clients and their respective industries.

10am: The team assembles for the weekly meeting, where objectives for the upcoming week are outlined and delegated. The seating plan is rearranged on a weekly basis so that everyone can share ideas. There is also an opportunity to celebrate successes from the previous week and present individual ideas for group discussion.

11am: I take to the phones to inquire about dates, locations and nomination deadlines for an array of sustainability award ceremonies. Events of this nature offer a great opportunity for companies to raise their profiles and receive professional recognition.

12pm: One of our clients has landed an interview in a couple of weeks’ time. I put together a media briefing detailing the nature of the radio show, the background of the interviewer and any recent news on the subject under discussion. Hopefully now the client can relax and let their expertise do the talking.

1pm: Lunch! There’s a huge selection of supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurants nearby. Equally, if bringing lunch from home is more your thing, there’s plenty of fridge and cupboard space in the office kitchen. The Espresso machine is a lifesaver.

2pm: Time to stretch those social media muscles. I peruse what’s trending and find that it is World Water Week – perfect! It’s topical and relevant to our Twitter followers, so I get posting.

3:30pm: I make a quick trip to the bank and the post office, which are both within a 5 minute walk of the office. With a little bit of sunshine and fresh air under my belt, I head back to check my emails and see what tasks are in store for the rest of the afternoon.

4:00pm: I’ve been briefed on two research tasks. One involves acquiring figures for newspaper circulation, the other assessing a company’s annual sales figures in relation to its published targets. A combination of Google News, company websites and the online services Gong is (thankfully) subscribed to, allows me to locate everything I need.

5:00pm: I get the chance to write some digital copy for a client’s news page, detailing a recent acquisition that will double its company size. My draft is sent off to be read by another member of the team, before being uploaded to the website. I reward myself with a hot chocolate.

6:00pm: Time to head home after a busy day.

I would recommend applying for an internship at Gong Communications, whether you are fixed on a career in PR, considering work in a related field such as marketing or journalism, or just want to get some valuable work experience in a fast-paced, supportive environment. So what are you waiting for? Send your CV and a covering letter to Stephanie@gongcomms.wpengine.com

Jack Pusey interned with Gong after completing his MA in English Literature at The University of Warwick.