In today’s online world, a hard-won reputation can take days to unravel and years to recover.

We help our clients prepare for their worst case scenario.

Our prior experience also means we can step in when a crisis is already underway; our collective experience spans comms emergencies in Guatemala, Nigeria, Singapore, the UK, US and most countries in between.

Calling on our established press relationships and a strict crisis protocol, we will keep you on track when it feels like the wheels are coming off.

We can help if you need to:

  • Develop robust scenario planning
  • Media train your senior team
  • Devise defensive lines and Q&As
  • Implement stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Utilise 24/7 crisis support
  • Expand the capacity of your in-house team during a crisis period
  • Be challenged on where your comms weaknesses lie
  • Receive straight-forward, honest advice about the best course of action


Download the Reputation Capital Presentation, Nairobi. 6 July 2017 here.